Why You Need A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Data

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Why You Need A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Data

Regardless of the industry in which you are involved, an unforeseen circumstance can place your business at risk and bring daily operations to a halt. In such situations, your organization must be able to recover as soon as possible. Whether the event is a natural disaster or a data security breach, you must have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect your data. Failure to have such a plan in place can place your organization at severe risk, both in terms of financial costs, as well as loss of reputation. Furthermore, it could place your clients at grave risk.
In recent years, the effects of an unforeseen disaster on business continuity have been highlighted. Whether your organization is public or private, you likely cannot afford the downtime associated with a foreseen emergency. It is essential that you prepare for what could happen.

Unfortunately, many businesses that do not have a plan in place may recognize the importance of doing so but find it challenging to get started. Other businesses may simply believe they are immune from potential disaster. Even so, it is far better to prepare for the possibility of an unforeseen event rather than face the serious risks that could result from failing to have a disaster recovery plan in place.

According to research, 53 percent of organizations are only able to tolerate less than one hour of IT downtime before experiencing significant revenue loss or some other type of adverse effect on their business.

In the process of developing a disaster recovery plan for your data, it is essential to work with a partner experienced in both business continuity planning and disaster recovery. The availability of strategic services can assist your organization in reviewing your current processes while also testing for flaws as well as evaluating what should be done in the event of a disaster. Finally, an advanced technology solutions provider will work with your organization to implement a disaster recovery plan based on your business needs.

Every business and organization is different. Appropriate technologies for disaster recovery will vary from one business to another based on the network, applications, layout, and the complexity of your information system. Consulting with a technology solutions provider can help to ensure the data recovery plan implemented by your organization is customized to your specific needs, ensuring your organization is protected to the highest degree possible.

Incident response is a critical component of data security. This basically refers to the steps your organization takes to respond properly to malware breaks, data breaches, etc. The reality is that if your information system experiences an issue due to a natural disaster, malware, or hacking attack, you must be prepared to launch a disaster recovery and business continuity plan as soon as possible.

Once your organization has a disaster recovery plan in place, should an unforeseen event occur, you will be able to mitigate risk while also minimizing downtime, remaining completely compliant, and ensuring sensitive client and customer data is kept safe and protected.

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