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Tricade specializes in advanced technology solutions customized to allow leverage between your existing investments while increasing utilization of human capital and equipment. Led by a team of fully certified IT engineers, specialists and project managers, Tricade specializes in data storage, backup and protection, consolidation and server virtualization, network infrastructure assessment and implementation, and disaster recovery.

Tricade’s IT solutions are based on the goals and business objectives of our clients, and then built for flexibility and lasting effectiveness. We understand the unique demands of our clients’ production environments; our team of experts provides strategic guidance and hands-on training and support to achieve a distinct competitive advantage.

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Network Infrastructure Solutions

Utilizing the capability of today’s leading-edge network optimizing appliances, we can help engineer your network infrastructure for prime performance. Whether it’s server and….

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data security

Data Storage and Security

We provide reliable and cost-effective storage management and data protection tools that can be easily integrated into your network system, depending on compliance requirements and…

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cliud virtualization

Virtualization and Consolidation

Leveraging the cloud model provides more efficiency across your IT platforms and will help simplify day-to-day management of data storage and protection and your network infrastructure…

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server recovery

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We understand that time is money, so we offer continuity planning and disaster recovery processes that will minimize downtime and get your business back up and running quickly….

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